We at Drive Quest Driving School are committed to the cause of helping and reaching out to people to make a significant change in their day to day lives. We are grateful to our customers who took time to send us their feedbacks. We thank our students who indeed are our source of motivation in this field in which we have grown to excel.

This is to acknowledge the driving lessons I have received from Mr. Stephen Niemen. He is among the best instructors I have ever had and I am an aerospace engineer and an ex-RAF pilot with some 20 aircrafts on my list. Throughout, he has been courteous, patient – more than I would have been, I am afraid – and articulate, so that I was well prepared for my lunch-time driving test at Westminster DMV on Friday July 23, 1993. The examiner there – I did not get his name – was specific and easy to follow. He congratulated me on the completion of the test and went to Mr. Niemen with his hand outstretched to congratulate him too. We were so pleased to have known each other. He is an interesting and capable man. I have not received my license yet, but I suppose it has to take its own postal time. This is not a country, state or county to be without a car.
Geo S. Hunter, Tustin, CA
I recently completed a driver’s refresher course with E. M. Stephans as my instructor. I consider myself very fortunate to have had him as my instructor. I am a senior citizen and I found him to be very efficient, kind and considerate. His teaching methods are excellent, and I passed the test with flying colors. It would be nice to believe that all of your instructors are as competent and satisfactory as I found him to be.
Geraldine Cimino, Laguna Hills, CA
Dear Mrs. Lerno – Drive Quest Manager –
I have just returned from taking my driving evaluation test at the DMV in San Clemente. I passed the test this time. I had gone without drivers training a month ago and I had failed miserably. I passed with the help and the patient instructions of your driving instructor Stephen Niemen. He was excellent, not only in his driving instructions skills, but was also very patient. He is a natural teacher and was very familiar with the incomprehensible DMV procedures. He even knew my examiner very well. He kept all appointment he made and was always on time. Thank you !!! Without his help I would not be driving today !!! I hate to think how that would have changed my life.
Helen Parker Strutt, San Clemente, CA
A note of appreciation for sending Marc to us. His understanding and patience with my husband short term memory loss was most appreciated. We felt very lucky to have him as Claire’s instructor. Marc is an outstanding and very special young man who deserves all of the referrals that I hope to send him. Thank you
Clair & Yvette Knapp, Anaheim Hills, CA
Sorry I took so long to write to you but I really didn’t know what to say. I am so grateful to you for having the patience to put up with me. I went from a person with little confidence in myself to one who went on to prove I could do anything I set my mind to do. You have given me a new perceptive on a lot of things including myself. I shall never forget you and will be a good driver as you taught me. When I do by a car, I would like you to take me for a few more lessons to get the feel of the car. Again thanks a million for being the wonderful teacher you are. I am very glad and grateful to have met you.
Dorothy Brown, Cerritos, CA
Thank you for your sense of humor and patience while teaching me to drive. I hope to have my inheritance in five months to buy a car. Good luck with you, your wife and your pretty baby girl. I know they are a treasure.
Lisa Zmuda, CA
I wish to thank you for all the attention you gave to my driving lessons. I would also have you know that I appreciated so very much your calming effect on my extreme anxiety!!! The anxiety was warranted – believe me. So, very best wishes for your future.
Mina Moore, CA
Finally I’m free of that constant worry re-passing the driving test. Relief! All because, and only because of your excellent instruction. Time and again during the test your teachings were guiding me. I’m grateful and glad I found you. Your caring and conscientious persistence were impressive. Thank you! Yes, they [DMV] quoted me two years with this license and then my driving will be checked again, just as you predicted. With the Good Lord willing, I’ll see you again if your are still around and available.
Chris Hill, CA
Words cannot express my sincerest thanks for all the support you and your company have given me all throughout my learning period. Without your help I would not have the FREEDOM I am now enjoying. It was truly a great experience. From the bottom of my heart, thanks.
Anna, CA
I started my driving lesson from scratch at 68. I passed my driving test today, first time. I will be 69 next week. My instructor Stephan Niemen has been so patient and kind with me and without him I would never have made it.
Morag Pirie, CA
I would like to commend one of your finest instructors, Mr. Stephan Niemen, and his exceptional ability to effectively teach and help me pass the Drivers Safety “behind the wheel” test. He improved not only my skills, but also my overall confidence when driving. His professional demeanor excelled in all aspects of the course and I recommend him HIGHLY.
Nada Frank, CA