After nearly seven years of research and development, Drive Quest Authorized Driving School was founded as a response to a growing and urgent need for a PREMIER customer oriented school with an exceptional teaching program designed to CONSISTENTLY uphold superior safety habits. As our numerous testimonials indicate, the impact that our School has made to our students is beyond the realm of just passing the required tests; in a few hours of instruction many students have taken a giant leap from having a severe driving phobia to excelling behind the wheel with total confidence.

We have always welcomed challenging cases knowing that in our School, miracles do happen. Whatever the reasons that you decided to drive at this point in your life, we understand that you may have overcome great adversities before making this decision. If driving has become for you a means of gaining control in your life, of obtaining your independence from people who have belittled you because you do not drive, of stopping or escaping from the abuse of a controlling person, of expanding the limits of your world, let us take this journey with you !

We take great pride in assuring that you will be exposed with the best defensive driving teaching methods in the business for fast, AMAZING improvement. That’s why many of our students are referred by DMV examiners themselves. We have been called “The Driving School Of Lost Causes” because of the success rate of thousands of students who come to us after having tried several driving schools. Our success is mainly attributed to the fact that teaching is our passion and that safety is our duty.

Drive Quest’s greatest asset is our staff. From our phone technicians to our driving teachers, we are sure that you will notice how genuinely friendly and competent we are. Our employees are personally selected out of several applicants who apply each month because they understand what we stand for: EXCELLENCE. Over the years our students have included Royalties, Doctors, Politicians, University Professors, Scientists, Lawyers, TV personalities, Actresses, Engineers, DMV examiner’s children, Disabled and so on….but they all agree on the fact that we have gone beyond the call of duty to ensure that they will be safe and comfortable behind the wheel.